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Shutterstock is a popular stock photo agency with a large community of contributors and customers that mutually benefit from each other. Shutterstock is a library of multimedia contributions from thousands of contributors worldwide. In turn, they secure their contributors with licenses and allow these contributions to be available to the market. Free images may or may not require attribution; however it still depends on their original creator or owner.

Shutterstock has amassed over 40 million high quality, royalty-free stock images, photos, vectors, and other media content, making it one of the largest stock photo agencies online. With this much premium content, you won’t need to worry much about having running across the same image selection in some other place.

Shutterstock offers both premium and free content but most of the contents are for the paying customers. The disadvantages of relying too much on free include, as previously mentioned, running across similar images used somewhere else, and the limited resolution of the images (some of which have fixed resolution or are prone to be commonly used).

If you have the means, you should turn to paid photos or subscriptions instead to be able to maximize your experience and optimize the efficiency of your projects. Fortunately, Shutterstock also offers cheap rates that you can adjust to even on a thrift budget.

Being a paying patron or subscriber has its perks. Not only would you be able to access any resolution size of the image you purchased, you will also be able have access to several features, and free images. Also, being a paid patron means you are supporting the contributors and thereby, in turn, contributing to the creation of more and more content because of that support.

Friendly Interface

Shutterstock has a user-friendly interface that can easily cater and appeal to new users. Several tabs and navigation links are arranged orderly while also sporting a comfortable look for all types of users. There is also a link to Skillfeed, one of Shutterstock’s assets, that provides a limited time offer in design tutorials. Next to that is the Sign Up link. The sign up process isn’t a tedious process like some agencies, so you’ll have no worries with that with Shutterstock.

Payment Methods and Options

There are several payment methods and payment options. There are also standard licenses and enhanced subscription licenses – each with their own advantages over the other. Standard licenses are considerably cheaper and have more allowable downloads compared to enhanced subscription licenses; however the latter doesn’t have restriction to some features compared to the former.

Keyword Searching and Navigation

Shutterstock is equipped with a competent keyword search that even allows refined searches to narrow down your preferred image choices. Having a good search feature is important because it ultimately helps a potential client find what he/she wants. If a client can easily find what he wants, the more likely he/she is going to use the website.

Shutterstock’s refined keyword search will easily allow you to search for that specific image or photo you want for your project. The refined search has several options which you can turn on or off, enabling the user to customize the search results to his/her liking.

Navigation on Shutterstock’s website is fairly easy. Not only is the layout and the presentation clean and comfortable, the look of too many flashy elements minimizes distraction and gives a straight-to-the-point approach when it comes to looking for cheap stock images  and other contents.


Shutterstock has high regard for the value of its clients and contributors. They provide clients with excellent service with affordable price options while they help license the content provided by their contributors.

The licensing process can be quite a hassle for both contributors providing free and paid content, but Shutterstock will take care of the formalities and legalities and assure their contributors their just dues. And by doing so, they would also protect their customers from any legal cases that would arise. By protecting both their consumers and providers, they protect the overall interests of the community they created.

Price Options

Shutterstock offer various price rates that will allow customers to adjust to their own budget. You can purchase photos for as less than a dollar but there are more costly, but more practical, subscription plans that reach to a couple of thousands.

If you want to have commercial advantages with your price option, you can opt for the “enhanced license” that allows unrestricted access to several features inaccessible to “standard licenses”. The downside, however, to these enhanced licenses is that they are more expensive and the number of allowable downloads are much lower to standard licenses.

Coupon Codes

Having a huge library and a large community of both contributors and clients, Shutterstock is offering discount coupon codes exclusively distributed by trusted sites and affiliates. StockPhotoSecrets is among those trusted sites and affiliates. You can avail up to seven to ten percent discount on all prices with these distributed discount coupon codes. That much can really matter most especially if you plan to purchase more expensive payment plans.

StockPhotoSecrets also offer step-by-step guides and video tutorials to avail those Shutterstock coupon codes . You can pick any of the available coupon code and you can save as much as two hundred dollars if you plan to use the discount coupon code on the one year standard license subscription plan.


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Do you want to download more photos? Generally, downloading more photos means paying a larger amount. But with our exclusive Shutterstock coupons, you can further your savings. Shutterstock has a vast collection of premium content and its library is continuously growing with thousands of images uploaded regularly. As one of the largest stock photo websites in the market, you will surely find everything you are looking for to complete your creative projects.

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If you have not signed up to the stock photo website yet, create a Shutterstock account now. You can do it without paying a single penny and you only have to spend a few seconds of your time. Your membership entitles you to browse the agency’s collection for free. Of course, you will find similar images from other stock photo websites. For exclusive images, we recommend subscribing to any image plan. You can get additional savings with our Shutterstock coupon codes, too.

What do we like most about Shutterstock?

The stock photo website has many admirable features. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate the website easily and quickly. It also has a vast collection of premium content. Over 80 million of stock assets are waiting to be explored. It is also known for its simple pricing. You will surely find an image plan that suits your creative needs and budget. Furthermore, it has upgraded its search filters recently so you can find what you are looking for without delay.


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